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The unseen stock - April (ll)Soo, here's another feature xD Enjoy!

Traveller 4 by dazzle-stockArwenstock by LeLePhotographyStock Joyce 5 by lichtschrijverArt Nouveau Winter 19 by Kuoma-stockLilah 5 by kawaiistockPirates - Treasure Hunting 1 by mizzd-stock
Untitled by Manelys-MandragoraModel 6 (K) by HoangvanvanWhite Bed- red dreads by DanailyaReese-stockTreasure Box 2-06-13 31 by skydancer-stock:thumb366230170:6 by MiraNox
Black Stripes 9 by Fluffybunny29stockWinter And Spring Dance by LadyAquariusStock:thumb366250143:Dance of Spring - Preview Stock by EmeraldVenom-StockPh Stock 1.4 by Narchothic-Delirium
Simien Mountains 4 by fuguestockWaterfall4 By Ravenfiendstock by Ravenfiendstock
Spring flood by szorny-stockSea of clouds by Gamekiller48Sky Stock 6 by SSyn-Stocksky cloud 1 by hanciong
:thumb364878917:Photo-7 by sfishffrogWinter Landscape 4 by Night-clawWinter flow by DeadPrincessaTrees in mist by sfishffrog
Beach Stock 7 by Cassy-BlueStock Place 70 by Ariel87-StockTubby by Celestial-DungWaterfall 2 by hotrodgrl454sky 5 by chasmdeep Forest- Stock Streamy by streamy-stock
Abandoned Farm Stock - VII by cyrella-stockgloomy spring by HudojnicaBar26Dev01 by SilentPlateau  
Twin Plaosan Temples by vidkaStonehenge by PannypuffPlaces 445 church and graveyard by Dreamcatcher-stock
Castle Wilenstein Iron Gate by Wolkenfels-StockGazebo by YBsilon-StockRockStocks 2254 by RockStocks:thumb365714550:Top Of The Steps by wintersmagicstock
Ruined House I by dlambeautRockStocks 2288 by RockStocks:thum

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January 16


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The Unseen Stock - January

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 16, 2014, 1:01 PM
Have a look at these beautiful stock photos
and feel free to :+fav: and share the journal!


Tulle8 by ktryon Artemis 25 by MajesticStock red 3 by magikstock Edenfall 10 by LadyxBoleyn
 Emily Fairy 2 by Elsapret Lily 24 by dsweetz Secret by dsweetz New Year 2014 by anastasiya-landa White Dress Stock 9 by HigherSeeking 
Dream by Danika-Stock The Winter Fairy 22 by MajesticStock  Blue Renaissance Gown 129 by elusiveelegance
Princess and the Pea unretouched version STOCK by Blossom-Lullabies Lilianne 23 by Kuoma-stock Zombie Pirate 40 - Ankle Biter by fuguestock
Venus Stock 1 by DanielleFioreModel Sail Away Pirate Stock 20 by HiddenYume-stock Mischief 9 by kirilee Cecelia 11 by kirilee


Forest-stock-prem21 by At-Stock Scotland 31 by LeikyaStock RockStocks 0117 by RockStocks Stock by TaniaART
Misty Mountain by LandOstock 19 by CoutureEquineDesigns Sunset by kitszl17 Beach by Esveeka-Stock
Forest-stock-prem17 by At-Stock The River Late Day by lifeofme00 Wave Crash 2 by AcridMonkry Winter 188 by AlaskanStock 
 Autumn Rays by AcridMonkry Streams Of Fog by GraySho Cave 5 by annawsw DSC02384 Firehills Woodland Gill 2 by wintersmagicstock
 Forest stock 1 by PuckRietveldStock Open Road Stock by CandyFlossSTOCK Winter landscape 2 by photodeus Dawn - stock photo by Pachydactylus
Landscape Stock 111 by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art Mist by TaniaART Montain -stock streamy by streamy-stock StockSky9 by Valerie-Mrosek-Stock
Stock BG 15 by ZiggyTurtle The Moon at Night by WhiteWolfStock Sunset by PalmTree-777 Felsenmeer-Stock 05 by Feuersglut
 Where the Fields Tumble to the Sea by AcridMonkry Tree Stock by CandyFlossSTOCK Forest 4 by annawsw <da:thumb id="425241611"/>


Roof Top of Building Stock 35 by BeccaB-Stock-N-ArtBackground 41 by Sisterslaughter165
RockStocks300S00782 by RockStocks Heizhaus by Capricornus60 Old Factory by Aredelsaralonde explosion by oxygun
  Pixxel Worx Stock#44 by SFC-Auratus refitted building stock by hcube gate to an old orchard 02 by Nexu4 Futuro House Stock by StockTownNation 
Lormet-Trains-0459sml by Lormet-Images Alleyway Stock 1 by Mareah old Tourist Hotel 4 by Capricornus60 Station by Naerys-Stock Old shed 3 by annawsw
Wedding Arch Stock by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art Old Porch By Sweetbananadreams by Sweetbananadreams Door with King heads and Azulejos by YBsilon-Stock Gazebo 001 by Rose-N-Thorn Castle Tower 6 by Civetta70
 Molino de Quijote Stock 1 by TatianaRuiz Stock 1 by Teri-NF Azulejos 3 by YBsilon-Stock Light House Stock 1 by Masked-Harlequin


Sprocket 5 by hyenacub-stock Vicugna pacos- Coco the Alpaca 7 by lumibear 3303 - The Wing Collection 69 by HelenaRothStock Poitou Esel donkey 02 by Nexu4
My Favorite Frog by GoblinStock tiger standing by Nexu4 Pelican Stock 5 by Cassy-Blue
Wallaby Stock 5 by Cassy-Blue Scorpion in Glass 3 by fuguestock Giraffe Stock 12 by Cassy-Blue AT-Stock- Animal035 by At-Stock
Lion King Stock by LuDa-Stock Fox 1 by Panopticon-Stock Elephant 12 Stock by x-Pixel-Pusher-x Bird 162 by Love-To-Share-Stock
Bird Stock 4 by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art Equus africanus asinus - Donkey 2 by lumibear Deer Stock 3 by NinjaRabbit-Stock Deer Stock 6 by NinjaRabbit-Stock
cat stock 10 by LightNDark25 Lormet-Farm-Animals-005902sml by Lormet-Images Spring Meeting by libidules Young Fallow Deer Stock by FurLined
  Seaworld By Sweetbananadreams (10) by Sweetbananadreams Primate stock 3 by x-Pixel-Pusher-x zazzles 03 by NarsisBlack Animal4 stock by pranile
Butterfly STOCK by Animalka1 Animal13 stock by pranile AT-Stock- Animal029 by At-Stock Seaworld By Sweetbananadreams (2) by Sweetbananadreams


3351 - Rose Perfume 3 by HelenaRothStock Glas 2 by Avahlon-Stock
Shell Stock 2 by Cassy-Blue Cracker Rose Stock 1 by Cassy-Blue Crystal Formation by HazelKeneticsStock  items 014 by Kebehut-stock
 Pirate Compass 3 by fuguestock Two Old Suitcases by TheoGothStock Old Lamp 1 - Straight on by fuguestock items 012 by Kebehut-stock Rock Statue by CD-STOCK  
old fuel pumps1_stock by PatrickMcDonald1 Claypot 01 by Love-To-Share-Stock  Flower 155 by Love-To-Share-Stock
Couch Stock by MajesticStock items 018 by Kebehut-stock


Illuminations Epcot by WDWParksGal-Stock Telescopic View by PaulineMoss
Firework 23 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Firework 21 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Firework 25 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Digital Art Texture 68 by mercurycode Texture 078 by Love-To-Share-Stock Texture - DT Original 5 by Hehayo Spring Texture 27 by AllThingsPrecious
 AT-Stock - Firework003 by At-Stock Texture 124 by cloaks Grumpy Jimmy Pig by Smoko-Stock Water Droplet Texture 04 by Thy-Darkest-Hour Water Droplet Texture 02 by Thy-Darkest-Hour
TEXTURE #001 by Atelophobia-Graphics 018 by AngelicStockCreation 017 by AngelicStockCreation Texture (8) by LeeStock
Texture PVC 4 by DreamArt-Stock Texture stone by DreamArt-Stock Texture wall 26 by DreamArt-Stock Texture wood 7 by DreamArt-Stock Digital Art Texture 67 by mercurycode   
Texture Fabric 5 by DreamArt-Stock Metal Whitecaps by mercurycode Ripped Open Metal Texture by mercurycode Digital Art Texture 69 by mercurycode
Condensation texture 2 by EpisOd  Condensation water Texture by EpisOd   Purple Dust by CD-STOCK


Contest promotion

These are definitely worth taking a look at :)

CONTEST EXTENDED A WEEK*EDIT* Woohoo!! We have some entries!!
Hello everyone!! It's been a while since I last held a stock challenge for stock artists but in the spirit of the new year here you go.
What if a mirror isn't all it seems. What if your reflection wants to keep you on your side? What if you are able to climb through a mirror but your reflection keeps standing in front of you, blocking your way? You try to touch the mirror without your reflection touching the same place. Maybe the cold surface isn't the mirror you're touching, but the cold flesh of your doppelganger, pushing back, keeping you on your side.
The theme is 'Through the Mirror'
Shush by ceeek-stock
  Help a friend get over the loss of her pet/CONTESTArtists, please please read this:

I want to share this contest with you and it would really mean a lot to me personally if you took part,
and it would mean even more to NarsisBlack, a talented artist and great member of our community.
She has lost her beloved cat these days in a horrible way and is going through some hard times now.
To get over the loss easier and have some nice memories, she asked for some support to hold a contest.
Some people reacted to that in a really rude, respectless and insensitive way which made me really angry and
disappointed about some people in the community.
Please help her get over this bad experience and take part in the contest.

The task is simple - manipulate one of the photos of her
 little 'Zazzles' to create a beautiful memory of him.

She is taking prize donations as well (:
More information here:
>> http://narsisblack.devianta
  Pirate Contest Ends 2/28 at Midnight! Enter Quick!:new: Just a reminder guys - February is a short month! There are now only 10 days left to get your entries in!!! :new:
Sail the Seven Seas Pirate Contest
February 28, 2014
(We want to give everyone extra time due to the holidays!)


1. You must have an pirate theme/character in your entry.
2. Your entry MUST contain one of our pirate themed model stock images from this folder: (More are to come) as a CENTRAL figure in the entry. Note: any visual media is welcome. I.E. you may use our model stock as a reference. Your entry does NOT have to be a photomanip. Paintings/drawings/etc are also definitely welcome!
3. Your entry MUST be new created for this contest.
4. You may enter up to 2 entries. (Only 1 entry can win!)
5. You must link back to this contest in the description of the entry.
6. You MUST notify us in a NOTE titled "Seven Seas Contest entry."
7. You must properly credit any and all stock

New stock groups

We would be happy to welcome new active members !

:iconanimal-stocks: :iconsweet-da-top-stocks: :iconstockaholics:

My latest stocks

Forest Stock 042 by Malleni-Stock Forest Stock 046 by Malleni-Stock Forest Stock 036 by Malleni-Stock 

Forest Stock 038 by Malleni-Stock Forest Stock 031 by Malleni-Stock Forest Stock 028 by Malleni-Stock  

Fireworks Stock 40 by Malleni-Stock Fireworks Stock 38 by Malleni-Stock 

Thanks for reading :heart:

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